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Tiziana Lorenzelli:
Architect Artist Journalist

Gold Fractalis extended in ALUFLEXIA®

[Year 2021]

Gold Fractalis extended in ALUFLEXIA®

Year:   2021

Dimension:  2, 40 meters x 2,00 meters depth 25 cm

Description: Very light wall Mobile sculpture in ALUFLEXIA® Aluminum 100% recyclable. Hand sewn with golden thread.

Material: ALUFLEXIA® patented sandwich in Aluminum and Polyethylene registered Trade Mark by Tiziana Lorenzelli. Bronze Medal Sustainable Design IDA Los Angeles 2011. Golden thread. Gold Magnets for suspension.

Solo Show: “Naturalismo Cosmico” Cortesi Gallery Lugano, May 19th- July 22 2022 curated by Vera Canevazzi

Photo: Matteo Piazza

Gallery Installation Photo: Lucrezia Roda



Tiziana Lorenzelli

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