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Tiziana Lorenzelli:
Architect Artist Journalist

ALUFLEXIA Aluminum Sculptures

[Exclusive aluminum registered mark 2012 ]

ALUFLEXIA® Sculptures

The scultures 100% Recyclable, are unique and exclusive, realized with ALUFLEXIA,exclusive aluminum flexible sheet designed by Tiziana Lorenzelli with the support of a major european company. Research and development have led to an extremely malleable and versatile material, that keeps its shape when bended. Delicate aluminium surfaces, mirrored or decorated, are coupled with high technology machinery, that ensure exceptional plasticity. Sophisticated systems are needed to work the films without damaging the surface which is glossed so it won’t oxidize. The exclusive characteristics of metallic ALUFLEXIA, lightweight and malleable, create sculptural volumes generated by a flat surface; thanks to the intrinsic brightness of the material lights and reflections are creates. Similar to a solid, polished stainless steel volume, ALUFLEXIA is very light and can be easily installed on walls and ceilings. The name itself 100% Recyclable suggests a provocative retooling of the artwork by assuming an end of cycle like most human artifacts. Lorenzelli has already worked on the re-use and recycle themes realizing sculptures with scraps from metallic and computer industries that have been published and exposed in Los Angeles in the early nineties.



Tiziana Lorenzelli

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