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Tiziana Lorenzelli:
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FOIL Aluminum Sculpture Vase Aluflexia

[Bronze Medal IDA 2011 ]

FOIL Aluminum Sculpture Vase Aluflexia

These sculptures are consequence of a long conceptual and technical research aimed at achieving environmentally friendly objects with innovative technologies
and new and recyclable material. This suggests a provocative retooling of the artwork by assuming an end of cycle like most human artifacts.
The laminate ALUFLEXIA®, designed by Tiziana Lorenzelli with the support of a leading European company in the aluminum branch, presented as vase FOIL at
the International Design Award in Los Angeles, won the Bronze Medal in Sustainable Design in 2011. Research and development have led to an extremely
malleable and versatile material that keeps its shape when molded. Delicate aluminum surfaces, mirrored or decorated, are coupled with high technology
machinery that ensures a unique plasticity. Sophisticated systems are needed to work the flimsy blades without damaging the surface which is glossed so it won’t
oxidize. The exclusive characteristics of metallic ALUFLEXIA®, lightweight and malleable, create sculptural volumes generated by a flat surface; thanks to the
intrinsic brightness of the material lights and reflections are creates. The abstract shapes generated by the molecular structure of the metal with manual
intervention, creates simulacra of Gold and Platinum nuggets light as clouds, magically set by metal structures or magnets.

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